Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2009 "Cancelled" Fattest Butt Results

Dearest Hitman,

I am happy to report that even with a "postponed" race, 4 intrepid souls and one very talented bandit toed the line for the Fattest Fattest Butt ever. Since it was such a pure showing of Slug heart, I decide to award everyone present with a "win" in the following categories:

Sir Sweet Cheeks took home first place and the crazy horse with a 7:25 for the 50K
Stick In Foot took home best showing of miles in 6 hours and taking stinky self to grocery store
The Grand Poo-Bah wins for a solid amount of time on feet before Ranger Rick kicks the slugs out

And due to her ultimate showing of good sportsmanship and hanging around in the cold and pacing Sir Sweet Cheeks to his finish, We have a new Honorary Slug, Who I dubbed Lady Good Spirits.

The Grand Poo-bah has a photo of the 4 starters, but somehow the "Bandit" got out of being photographed.

Sir Sweet Cheeks requested a finishers mug from any of the previous years if you have one laying around, he would like to make a complete set of four.

This is all i can say about the event, as with everything slug, the rest could get us fined, imprisoned, or shunned for society.

Hope the New Year Finds You Well,

President and Sister Pokey Slug
Amanda Bundek

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