Sunday, November 25, 2007

tell me why you run everyday.....

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Today I wandered back out onto the Super-Secret TSI training compound here in Central Delaware. It's really a beautiful area of this old world --- you may say, postcard perfect. Full of pines, hardwoods, and a serene pond; full of mirrored water. Critters jumping, running, and sounding off in their native tongues. On this cold mid-Atlantic morning, I encountered deer, squirrels, and a large red fox. The woodpeckers were out in force, staking their claims to corners of the forest; apparently unaware of my presence as they carried out their noisy duties. And, at such an early hour; not another human was seen. It's easy to think of this as a perfect place to run; the path blanketed with fallen leaves, winding around a quaint body of water; with perfect views at every bend. But....

...this is not what makes this part of the First State an inspirational place to train. Because there have been so many other parts of the country, and world; that I have loved to run in. What makes this place special is the same thing that made my thousands of miles on Noland Trail and Seashore State Park; or, my many thousands of miles in Blackwater State Forest special. Rather, it was the people I shared the times with.

As a runner, it's difficult not to remininse; no doubt, many of you understand exactly how i feel. Running is passionate, so alive; so breathtaking. Sharing it becomes intimate. We know each other at our best; and our worst. We've struggled together, and shared incredible joy together. Runners have been my best friends for over twenty years now. I like them.

And, today was one of those days when it all came back. For all the emotional distress, and pain, of the past several months; today was a good day. Recalling special friends and special times; and remembering that today i am exactly where i'm supposed to be. As are you. And we're all OK; doing the best that we can. Each morning when i look in the mirror, i say a prayer for each of you, and for me. That we may all keep our hearts open to giving and receiving love. If you're reading this, then you've made a difference in my life (or you will); and i appreciate you. That you can be sure of.

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AJ Johnson said...


Great blog and a great question. People ask me all the time why I run, especially why I run so far. I pondered this as I was taking a run today and then I just went to my blog and copied my answer from a post from a few months ago because the answer still applies....So why do I run so much and so far? I run because it invigorates me, calms and destresses me. It just makes me feel more alive. It is escapism, your mind becomes freer to concentrate on the important things in life, or think of nothing at all. I run to see how far I can run, to test myself, to explore areas that you can't get to by car. I run to hopefully inspire others to do the same and probably live longer and happier lives because of it. It is my fountain of youth, hopefully enabling me to be around this world for as long as I possibly can so I can be with my wife and children for as long as possible. Therefore I run for them.

Take care,