Saturday, December 17, 2005

Welcome to the Team Slug blog.

The team continues to enjoy relative success in our sport. And by success, I mean we are still here. Continuously fielding events since 1990. We have sponsored events in Virginia, Florida, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Korea, and Delaware with hundreds of total finishers. The one commonality is that each "Official Slug Finisher" becomes a Slug for lifetime, and, if they are "honorable" they receive an Official Team Slug T-Shirt. Our most recent event, The John Clark 50K in October 2005, saw 10 (ten) finishers. That is a moderate field for a Slug event, and throughout the years the numbers have been as small as 4; or as large as 15. We cap the events at 15 entrants, but will be making an exception for next fall's, Russell B. Cheney 50K. We're combining it with his birthday, and yes rbc will be here; with a few friends from California. I'll try to keep this blog current; and look forward to sharing a trail with each of you very soon. Happy Days, John.

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