Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Europe sending potential Slug?

While TSI has lotsa Asian Slugs ; we in the Slug-World are blessed to have our first German Entrant. Mr. Rainer Koch, of Dettelbach, Germany will make a guest appearance at the Fattest Butt Run on NYD. While he may be FAST....he will be up against 2 (two) major problems. First, Da' Hitman does not allow folks to run under 4 (four) hours for 50k...and second the FIRST STATE's Premiere Ultra-Runner will be here to Win! Yes, he will face Mr. Bursler, recent winner of the First State's first-ever 100-mile run (see story on race report's page). "Life is good...but getting better." ---borrowed from akabill in hawaii. happy days, john.

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