Saturday, June 21, 2008

TSI Booty Rumble 50K


Ms. Pokey, President of all the Delaware Sluggo's, is pleased to announce that the Inaugaural TSI Booty Rumble was held today in the Central Slug Swamps of Delaware. Eleven Starters toed the line; led home by David Groff of New York in 5:11. On the women's side, Lori Callahan of Maryland led the pack in 5:40. It was Ms.Callahan's very first ultra-distance run. Congrats to all Starters and Finishers; full results and pictures are posted at

Please register early at for the Fall Run.
Slug finishers will receive the 20th Anniversary Team Slug Beer Stein.


AJ Johnson said...

Hi everyone,

Sorry I missed the inaugaural TSI Booty Rumble 50K; it looks like everything went well. I really really wanted to be there. Sometimes being a soccer coach for my sons team gets in the way of my running, but he isn't going to be young forever. Anyway, I hope all of my fello and fella sluggos are doing well. I am looking forward to the RBC 50K on September 27th. I will be there, as long as I don't croak at the Vermont 100 in July. See everyone in September..Run safe out there.

AJ Johnson

Divaleh said...

As Rumpshaker Slug, I was especially sad to have missed the booty rumble. But I was wagging my tush all day long, with all my slug friends in mind.


dg13092 said...

I've heard it all before. The pre-race briefing where the RD warns you about all the hazards of ultrarunning and the dangerous flora and fauna that may be encountered on the course. Deleware Striped Pit Vipers? Yeah, right. Extremely agressive? Sure, okay. Only lost 3 runners to them over the years? Okay, okay (those estimates are always high anyways). Lets go already.

Being my first run with the slugs I was a bit skeptical about the over-dramatic briefing but let me assure you Delaware Striped Pit Vipers are real! Oh woe to the Unbelievers!

About half way through the second lap a DSPV in search of a snack launched itself from a tree and landed squarely on John's shoulders. He was wearing the thing like a boa and screaming like a little girl until he saw me coming up the trail so he grabbed the beast by the tail and flung it to the ground and did his best impression of a war dance. The serpent came at us with fire in it's eyes and it's fangs dripping venom. Now instead of just a snack he'd have a nice meal.

Now it's a well known fact (apparently not known by yours truly though until after the horrific encounter) that DSPVs are attracted to unsuspecting ultrarunners wearing white. Damn my luck!

But it's also a well known fact (but again not by yours truly) that DSPVs are mortally afraid of tie-dye. As I reached for a twig in a futile effort to defend myself from certain doom the hideous creature caught a glimpse of my ever-present trusty tie-dyed bandana on my right wrist. Immediately the beast wilted, all fight gone, and took off in the other direction like it had grown a set of legs (not slow Slug legs though, more like roadrunner legs). We were saved!

Every runner has their superstitions - mine is my trusty worn bandana. DSPV repellant, emergency shelter, fine cloth napkin or snot rag, tourniquet or doo rag, I never run an ultra distance without it.

Dave (insert slug name here) Groff