Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dawgs / Slugs Crossbreeding ???

...say it ain't so; thanks to John Straub for the Umstead update; still awaiting Queen Pokey's comments; happy days, hitman.

Just a quick note to congratulate everyone who was down at Umstead, whether they finished the hundred, finished the fifty, just started the race and decided to call it a day early, or were just there to pace and support the rest of us fools running around in the rain…

There were several people down there with ties to Delaware (TrailDawgs and Team Slug – but with Delaware being so small there appears to be some cross-breeding going on…) that I want to point out:

Carl Camp – another 100 mile finish for one of the toughest runners you will meet. Even hypothermic (from what it looked like to me…) he just kept going and going and going, this guy is a machine…

Pete McLaughlin – His first 100 miler! As Stumpy pointed out, an inspirational movie could be made about him, and to see his family down there supporting him through the entire thing was great. He was even able to scope out a potential son-in-law for 50 miles (talk about a way to get your girlfriends, uh, I mean, “friends”, Dad to like you – that is dedication), maybe this can be elaborated in the blog too! Pete was one of the first people I ran with in Delaware at the Phunt Run in 2006 and it was great to see him finish!

Pokey Slug (a.k.a Ann Thrax) – A great first 50 mile finish! Battling all the way, but was able to enlist a couple of helpers to try and Crazy Horse the finish…

Down and Durty Slug – A solid 50 mile finish just, even with still having a tan line from the cast on his leg…

King Buckeye Slug – A quick 50 mile jaunt to sandwich between two 100’s – Mohican will be fine!

Scott Hodukavich - cheering, pacing and supporting everyone of us down there – Now that you have had a taste of the madness which one are you doing this year???

Also, I had a great pacer from NC:

Banker Boy – thanks for pacing me the last two laps and keeping the adrenaline going!

As for my run, the planets must have aligned and it was just a good day, with great people. I have been able to learn from everyone I run with and apply these lessons on every run I do . Specifically I want to thank Sniper for his advice on how to run Umstead – thanks again Dave.

And for anyone who is interested in running South of the Canal (I know a bunch of you will be at BRR 50 on Sat…) this weekend – there are two opportunities:

1. Saturday - Appoquinimink River Association 5K trail run at St. Andrews – registration and info at: ARA 5K Registration - Active or Appoquinimink River Association

2. Sunday – FREE Marked 5K or ~20K Townsend run from my house (mostly road…) BBQ following the run…

See you on the trails soon,

John Straub


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Man did the DE Slugs come out in forces or what! What a great group of Slugs.


AJ Johnson said...


Sounds like it was fun, sorry I missed it. Maybe next year. Thanks for the right up.

AJ Johnson

AJ Johnson said...


I just checked out the results, wow, great race! That reminds me, I need your advice for the Vermont 100, I'm running that in July. You said you might run that again?

AJ Johnson