Monday, November 27, 2006

too much bloggin...but the good news keeps comin'

ok, friends; we've had three more entrants confirmed for fattest butt in the past 24 hrs. and, they are each highly honorable and kind slugs, and a few of the people that i like best in the whole world. are you all sitting down??? yes, james and rebecca have confirmed that they will return in january for the fattest butt!!! d'oldest of d'old sluggos. the originals, the birthday track runners, yee-haw, da' all- nighter, and his childbride, my favorite sluggette; will be here, again. and, they will be joined by delaware ultrarunner #1 (and a slug-in-good-standing), making his second consecutive fatt butt start, mr. db. so now it's gettin serious; if ya see da' hitman, tells him to get on home...we gotta start marking the course by christmas....happy days, flatfoot freddie...

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