Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The All-Nighter Speaks....and da' Slugs listen!

Great news Slugs!!!! In order to get my lazy arse out on the trails on a daily basis; i have summoned the one man who can and will get/keep me moving. I am truly committed to completing my fifth (5th) JFK this year. My goal is to finish in 13:59:59 and earn the Crazy Horse Award; though with da' Slugs there en' masse there will be some stiff competition. The All-Nighter, TSI Hall of Fame 1995, has graciously accepted duty as Commander of the Team Slug entry. He along with his bride, and my favorite Sluggette write, " When duty calls, we will be there. Rebecca and I accept this position. What an honor. This is to be Rebecca's year also. She has started her training and I am signing her up for races. We're going to race our way back into JFK shape. We look forward to the TSI 50K in September. Got it on the calendar.....Can't wait. JFK here we come." Slugs, just ignore the sentence or two I edited out. It was just something about John Clark's bald spot. Nothing personal :) Also, got a nice note from Mr. Crisman who popped a s-weet 3:07 at Boston on Monday. If he wasn't a personal friend of Lance Souther's (El Presidente, Sluggette Gone Wild; Ft Walton Beach, FL) and a fine Army man, I'd personnal dis-bar him from the Slug Kingdom. But, he's a great guy; albeit a fast one. I'd like to thank each of you all for the continually supportive e-mails. I've been home nearly a month now, and this retirement thing is driving me crazy. Today and everyday I wish each of you a fulfilling and healthy life. happy days, john

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